What is a string quartet?

A string quartet is the gorgeous combination of two violins, a viola and a cello. When these voices come together, a full and rich sound palette is created.

Why is a string quartet a good idea for my wedding?
  • Ambience and Elegance – Live music is always a great touch, but nothing adds that extra charm like a string quartet.
  • Sound – Because a string quartet is made up of four parts, the music has a depth and richness that you would not get with just one voice.
  • We Follow You – We are there to bend and stretch music so that the timing is perfect.
  • Versatility – Strings are very versatile in their musical styles. Everything from Beethoven to the Beatles will provide a soundtrack that is unique and special.

Live musicians are reactive, in the moment and ready for anything! We know how to pace each piece to perfectly fit every part of your ceremony.

What will the quartet need on the day of the event?

Four arm-less chairs placed in the desired performance area.

Where will you set up to play?

We will need our seating arrangement on a flat surface in an area where at least one musician is able to clearly watch the processional.

Will you play outside?

Yes, but we do have to be cautious towards the care of our instruments. We cannot play outside below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

What time will you arrive?

We arrive approximately 30 minutes before we begin playing.

What will the quartet be wearing?

Musicians traditionally wear all black formal attire when performing.

I don’t know anything about Classical music. How do I choose pieces for the ceremony?

Don’t let our instruments fool you! We can play all sorts of styles including pop, rock, jazz, folk, celtic, showtunes and more. Buffalo Heartstrings is happy to make suggestions and help with selections.

We have a song that is special to us that we would like played during the ceremony, can you perform it?

Yes, we are happy to accommodate special requests. We have a vast library to choose from, but if we don’t have your requested piece on hand we will have it arranged and ready to play for an additional fee.

Will you come to the rehearsal?

It will not be necessary for our musicians to attend a rehearsal. Because of our many years of experience, we know how to time everything just right.

At what points in my ceremony does the quartet play?

Prelude             Upbeat music while guests are being seated

Processional    Bridal party walks down the aisle

Mid-Ceremony Unity candle or other ceremonial moment

Recessional      Couple exits down the aisle

Postlude           Celebratory music played as guests depart

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